Edit: 27th December 2012. This post refers to an earlier incarnation of this blog, which was named ‘Being a Visible Librarian’. Without this information, the post will not make sense.  I much prefer the current blog title, which is more positive, much more tongue in cheek, and therefore much more like me.

Another blog? I can tell people are starting to worry about me, I mean, exactly how many blogs do people require? I imagine most manage with just the one, and for years I did too, despite a nagging feeling that they were a bit jumbled up. Maybe I should keep professional writing separate from family stuff, and did I really want all those nerdy hobbies mixed in there too? (Actually they were taking over so there’s another blog for them too :-)).

The whole thing came to a head about a year ago when I originally signed up to 23 things, a CPD opportunity for library staff.  Thing 3 : Online presence asked participants to consider whether their web image reflected the person they wanted it to reflect.  That stopped me short and I’ve been pondering the idea ever since.

A year, Jen? Really a whole year?

Well, yes, but not constantly! See, a few years ago I read an article called ‘The Invisible Librarian’ which analysed why the profession of school librarianship is so often overlooked. Then last week I attended a training day in Edinburgh, at which I was being a bit grumpy, and somebody used the word  ‘visible’. The two ideas audibly clicked.

While I can’t believe now that it took so long to chop the negative off (I mean, it’s only two letters!), the idea appeals to me as a title. My inbuilt West of Scotland fears demand that I avoid the temerity of claiming to be any such thing, but I aspire to the qualities such a person might have.

To know whether I achieve anything of the sort, read on.

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