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My academic session actually starts just before the summer holidays each year. Pupils move into new classes a couple of weeks before the end of term, most teachers are busy introducing new subjects and few are bringing groups to the Library Resource Centre.

So that makes it a quiet time, right?

No chance. There’s eight weeks to get ready for next term which might seem like a lot but there’s a huge amount to do and only me to do it. Plus there aren’t actually eight weeks thanks to annual leave 🙂

So in the time available

  • new resources have to be prepared: classified, catalogued, jacketed, labelled, and lots of other little annoying jobs that take up inordinate amounts of time;
  • investigations need existing resources checked (including websites which have a habit of vanishing without warning), and new resources to be researched and ordered;
  • the departmental improvement report for last year and the improvement plan for this year needs completed;
  • the school website has to be updated with changes to investigation material, staff information and all the other stuff that needs sorted before the new term;
  • photos from end of term events (and there were plenty) have to be added to blogs;
  • lots and lots and lots of CPD, including bringing myself up to date on Added Value Units, meetings with other LRC Managers (only possible time of year to visit other school libraries), and lots and lots and lots of reading, catching up on children’s and teen fiction, non-fiction, blogs, Glow, SQA course outlines and whatever the latest changes to Curriculum for Excellence have brought us;
  • the budget should be sorted (hoping to buy some spinners and cupboards this year), so that needs researched and written up;
  •  and of course, it would be nice to get tidy (ha!)

So when people ask me what I do during the holidays, I grin and tell them it’s nice to have peace to get some work done 🙂