This is an article written by the pupils who work in my Library. It was originally written in response to a request from Scottish Booktrust for feedback from pupils about why they help out in their school libraries, but being us, we missed the deadline :-S .

Library helpers here have been called Goslings for a while now – it’s a long story – but the pupils embrace it. They are a fantastic bunch of kids: intelligent, creative and all completely mad. Enjoy.

We are Goslings.

We did not ask for the name. It was thrust upon us, a tradition of sorts, known only to us, with origins reaching far beyond our memory and comprehension.

She knows. The Mother Goose. She knows everything that goes on around here. We wouldn’t be surprised if she knew the meaning of life.

We did not volunteer to work in the library. We had no choice. The library had some kind of power over us – something not from this world, something beyond the ordinary realms.

Something sentient.

We did not have the power to resist. We were sucked in, bound to its shelves and stacks and tomes, never to escape.

Nah, not really. I think we made it up once, and it was probably a joke, but we forgot it a long time ago. Mother Goose is our librarian, and we don’t think she’s completely omniscient.

We volunteered to work in the library because we knew that such a job requires skill, open mindedness, and a good sense of imagination. Two out of three’s not bad! We’ve always loved reading so the library seemed like an ideal place.

The library is not a job, it is a way of life. For one thing, it reaches far beyond the limits of book shelving. We simply turn up at lunchtimes, praying that itís not “Let’s Visit the Storeroom Day” and in time M.G. will materialise with ideas for another “Photography Club” or “Creative Writing Group” or “What Are You Keeping In That Store Room Anyway Miss? Control Committee”. I suppose that, in its essence, that is our favourite thing about the library. You can never know what’s coming next, you can merely pray that it’s not the second years again.

The whole atmosphere of the library in general makes it a brilliant place to be. Just the idea of being able to enter tens of thousands of different worlds in one place is overwhelming. And for those who don’t enjoy a good book, the chance to do their homework in school is available for them as well as doing research on the computer, and even the odd board game or two.

We love working in the library and we hope to continue helping Mother Goose until the day we leave High School. And who knows, some of us may end up being librarians ourselves. Or maybe authors! Or maybe just book lovers …

Our Favourite Books

I like words. On a page. So basically anything with a good plotline that doesn’t put me to sleep. I find myself attracted to many different types of books and this makes the library a perfect place for me – Gosling G

Most of my favourite books have a fantasy element to them, but the most important thing for me is that there be some kind of humour to it. Currently, my favourite book is Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s “Good Omens” because it contains all of these things. Funnily enough, my second favourite book, “1984” contains none of these things, and has a tendency of making the reader lose their faith in humanity. – Gosling H

To choose a favourite book, would be an impossible challenge. However, I do have a few favourite authors such as Cathy MacPhail, Frank Cotteral Boyce and many more. Yeah. – Gosling A

I have many favourite books from Sherlock Holmes to the Harry Potter series,  but I have found that my favourite genre is fantasy as there is no limits to what can happen and I find myself easily lost in the plots. – Gosling D

My favourite kind of books would be teen fiction. I like all kinds of teen fiction, especially ones with real life situations. A book that I have enjoyed recently would be the Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter. – Gosling R