My 12 year old daughter was asked to

‘find out what is needed to be a person in job x e.g. a soldier’.

She had to choose a person to interview and write a report based on what they said. I was quite humbled that she chose me. Good idea for an assignment too.

This is her report (I did ask for permission first, so it’s copyright cleared 🙂 )

A school librarian must be good at English. They must scan every book, checking to see what it is about, so that they can write the information in the catalogue.

They must be good at writing also because they might have to take notes, from a book, the internet or a person. They also have to write reports.

The Librarian must be a good teacher because of all the classes coming in. They have to take charge to make sure everyone is working to the best of their abilities and helping anyone who needs it.

A Librarian must be a good team player. They have to work with both teachers and students.

The Librarian also has to be patient. If someone does not understand, librarians must be calm and explain again. Remember some people are not as quick at understanding as others. And you can not ignore someone who needs help because it is not fair.

Librarians need to be inquisitive and good at research. Like everyone else, they learn something new everyday, whether it is from a book, the internet or a documentary.

The Librarian needs to be friendly with technology, such as blogs, internet and databases.

Finally, they also need to be confident because they stand up in front of people and contact other organisations.