National Poetry Day has been going for years, and every year I try to plan something and every year I remember on the day afterward that I was going to organise something.

Well, the seminars at the Scottish Learning Festival last week (which I am mulling over before writing about) put me to shame and also reminded me that doing something for National Poetry Day didn’t mean a huge amount of work.

So I went to speak to my friend, PT English (that’s her title btw) and broached the subject. As she too is an annual observer of watching NPD sail past without accomplishing anything, she became an instant convert to my plan. Now to get a plan.

Fortunately, the theme this year is stars, a perfect theme as I’m also a keen observer of watching the night sky sail past (preferably from somewhere warm). So we’re going to create a personality for the stars from their names, simply from word and sound association. There are plenty of links to lists of star names at the International Astronomical Union so there are plenty to select from, even after removing the duplicates and more familiar names, like Sirius and Bellatrix and Polaris.

Naturally the hunt ploughed up plenty of other useful resources, including great websites on celestial myths and French poetry, so one wander around the school later, we’ve got a great little cross-curricular theme going on.

The plan is that each subject will add their snippets of information onto stars of different colours and a variety of stars will appear on every noticeboard we can lay our hands on.

And while I’m feeling rather chuffed,

The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men
Gang aft agley

partly because it turns out there’s already a cross-curricular event planned in school for the same week, and partly because I will be on an IDL trip to Stirling Castle on National Poetry Day itself.

So, I’ve suggested we move it all forward a week. Now we wait 🙂