Just in case I come across as a disgustingly well organised person for whom nothing goes wrong, here is the unexpurgated truth of National Poetry Day 2012.

Having spoken to a number of Principal Teachers and arranged all sorts of work, it became clear that I wasn’t going to be around either on the day itself (Thursday) or on the day before.  And when I noticed an e-mail indicating that this was actually ‘Health Week’ in school, it seemed wise to shift everything forward by a week so I could be around to coordinate. Frustratingly, it turned out that the e-mail actually meant the following week, so we left everything as it was after all, but that was to cause some confusion.

Wednesday I was due to attend the CILIPS Autumn Gathering, and ran around on Tuesday organising all of the materials required at school while I wasn’t there in person (including cameras for interdisciplinary trips to Stirling Castle on Wednesday and Thursday). I completely forgot that I still hadn’t arranged for the stars to be photocopied.

Thankfully, e-mail ensured that the stars got sorted in plenty of time while I was deep in library discourses at Dunfermline, and when I hurtled into school on Thursday morning, I only had to retrieve the cameras from the day before (which had been passed on through no less than four separate sets of people!) to prepare for the next visit to Stirling Castle and also to supply a camera for the departments’ NPD work.

The PT English will not mind me saying that she gazed at me in horror when I passed said camera to her first – I can’t take pictures – but I pointed out that pupils could take the photos and dashed off for another wonderful day. Stirling Castle is beautiful and inspirational and I returned to work on Friday bathed in a warm fuzzy glow.

Me and my glow then wandered along the corridors to see how everything had gone. The replies were varied, from confusion about when it was happening and which classes were involved, to lack of preparation time, to having to cover classes for the teachers out of school (at Stirling Castle), to a lack of pupils (because they were at Stirling Castle), to Sorry, I completely forgot!, to utter joy at the fun they had had – the usual mix 🙂

And so, I apologised for any problems and we arranged alternative times and of course, the pupils created some amazing work throughout. And a few days later the RE Department came along and we let their classes loose on myths and legends of the stars, which tied in nicely with their work on Creation, and they also created some outstanding work.

Finally we created some beautiful displays just in time to show off  for parents and future pupils at our P7 Open Night. Overall, it was a good job well done, with some unavoidable problems, and some avoidable ones, all leading to a mass of good fun, much commented on by our visitors 🙂

Wonder what next year’s theme is?