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I mentioned a story about a hospital in an earlier post which asked everyone to sign in if they brought their bike to work. In the comments for the original post, someone said the following

I think everyone should be asked to sign a book if they cycle to work, to make them feel a bit like a celebrity.

I liked the idea of everyone getting to sign something,which led to me wondering how everyone could create something that they could sign and that led to the Great Fortunately / Unfortunately Game of 2012 to celebrate Tell-a-Story Day!

Unfortunately, when I put the idea to the boss, they didn’t have a clue what I was talking about

Fortunately, after some discussion with the boss and some teaching colleagues, we had a working plan.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t sure how other staff would react.

Fortunately a preparatory e-mail to all staff gave them plenty of warning.

Unfortunately, we had no paper long enough in school.

Fortunately, a bit of digging around in cupboards at home produced rolls of unwanted wallpaper.

Unfortunately, by the morning of Tell-a-Story Day, I had had no time to arrange pupils ready to wander the school collecting stories.

Fortunately, an enthusiastic member of staff asked for volunteers from her class and an enthusiastic bunch of pupils got permission to be out of class at various points during the day and away they went, clutching letters (to remind staff), coloured pens and a roll of wallpaper under their oxters.

Unfortunately, as with all best ideas, there’s always something you’ve forgotten.

Fortunately, after the initial run, I added ‘NO NAMES PLEASE!!!’ to the instructions in big friendly letters and sent off my volunteers with a fresh roll of wallpaper.

Unfortunately, at the end of the day, some staff reported that no-one had come to them at all  😦

Fortunately, they want it to happen again next year just to make sure they get a shot 😀