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Yes, it has a CAPITAL LETTER.

Because it’s a Presentation.

Because I’m scared of Presentations.

Because my mind goes completely blank, refuses to provide the right words and I sound like a total idiot.

(There’s a reason I prefer blogging, you know. Blogging allows you to edit.)

Funny isn’t it, that I’m perfectly content to blether away in front of hundreds of young people, but stick a couple of adults in front of me and I go to pieces. Perhaps this would be a good time to draw on all that useful advice we share with nervous teenagers, except of course, my mind’s gone blank and I can’t remember any right now. Maybe I should imagine my audience in blazers? πŸ™‚

This particular Presentation is about how the Library Resource Centre is supporting the development of Curriculum for Excellence. A relatively simple topic since that takes up every second of my working day (and into the evenings sometimes) but also incredibly difficult in that there’s so much to choose from.

Thanks to my wonderful husband and his Zoom (digital recorder) I had the chance to listen to myself and cut the ramblings down by about half. It’s interesting to see what he thought was worth keeping, compared to what I felt was indispensable. Notably, the work I do on getting the pupils to publish on the various school blogs. It doesn’t seem like such a huge deal to either of us – it’s something we do all the time – but it certainly seems to draw attention, which is fantastic for the pupils πŸ™‚

Anyway, 11 hours to go, and I’ve got changes to make tomorrow morning – mainly to draw more attention to things I keep forgetting to mention – and to add on a lovely pattern of relevant Es and Os.

Wish me luck πŸ™‚

Update: 23rd November 2012

I was incredibly nervous beforehand, but did learn that twirling a roll of wallpaper like a baton steadies the nerves (perhaps that’s just me though).

Naturally I didn’t remember everything, but I’m happy with what did get said, having primed my boss to indicate if I was going on for too long. Obviously the preparation paid off, and the printed materials helped. On the other hand, I need to brush up the terminology. I’m not interested in speaking like a manual, but less blethering would be useful.

Today I learned that the LRC’s support for Curriculum for Excellence was mentioned as a strength. Doesn’t get better than that πŸ™‚