For approximately the last eighteen months, we’ve been on alert for an HMIe inspection – six years after the previous one – and so it comes as somewhat of a relief that the Inspectors will actually arrive today and by Friday it’ll all be over.

Prior to inspection, schools get asked to provide evidence of certain activities, and that means playing hunt the paperwork. Fortunately we’re in the habit of taking and archiving photographs, and our blogs are pretty good so there’s plenty of visual corroboration for what we write down, but it still takes time to find and organise several thousand bits of paper.

And the anticipation has led my brain to wake me two hours early – presumably so I don’t sleep in – with reminders of the bits and pieces still be to done at school this morning:  a little bit of last minute tidying; a little bit of display to be finished; a couple of headers to be printed for the Reading Trail; but nothing major.

So far as the tidying is concerned, I inhabit a working library, and for me that means it’ll never be pristine. The perfect-looking library is generally the one that doesn’t get used, so I’m relaxed about the usual things being a wee bit out of place. It’s the stuff that I’ve forgotten about that’s causing butterflies. Like those old CD-ROMs that I dug out during the summer to see if any would work with the current ICT – they were stored on a broken shelf  just to get them out of the way for the new term, and have never been moved. OK, need to fix that.

The display board awaiting material was only hung last week, purchased as part of the last of the budget getting spent. I bought it to provide a better space for advertising what the LRC was up to on a given week, and show off the work of the various clubs being run. It’ll take ten minutes to print the signs made last night and another ten to put everything up so that’s not a lot, except that I couldn’t get the doors to unlock yesterday. That’s a wee bit worrying.

And the Reading Trail only began last Monday, and the classes are still choosing their team names, so I can’t create a header for something that doesn’t exist yet! Of course, I haven’t a clue where I’ve put the list of names I’ve already been given …

See? There’s nothing to be worried about.

But still, it’s 7 am and I’ve been awake for the last ninety minutes, and although I’m content that this is a chance to show off the great work our kids do and hopefully demonstrate how we support them to do that, it’s still TERRIFYING.