Image by Finlay McWalter

Back to work after a wonderful holiday and I’m just the slightest bit grumpy.

A normal straightforward start of term job is updating the pupil records and printing out new barcodes. Unfortunately, the transfer from the school’s registration system to the Library’s Management System has not gone smoothly. At some point the registration system has changed the length of the pupil codes, so now they don’t match. And of course, since the system identifies pupil records by this administration code, it’s doubled the school roll in a microsecond by duplicating every child.

Too many twins to be comfortable with by far.

Two choices:

  1. delete the additional records, change the individual codes manually and redo the import
  2. or, work through the records, matching and merging along the way.

The former is more straightforward, but it’s not good for repetitive strain injury (or the mood), so I’m taking a break before I launch into the Ms or my wrists fall off.

And then what happens? No peppermint teabags left!!!

My world is collapsing around me.