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I’ve been a bit glum that there’s no new investigations planned for this term; everything in the pipeline is an existing piece of work. No doubt, the pupils will bring their own unique twists, and there are always tweaks of course, but the same old research just doesn’t fill me with enthusiasm (studying Nazi Germany three years in a row at school  was a  prime reason why I never applied to be a teacher – if I was bored stiff already, how would it be after 40 years?)

So I was delighted when LS, the acting Principal Teacher of Art, showed me the plans for the new term, including the usual Christmas card design competition, this year starring the work of Chinese Christian artist, He Qi. She described it as a cross between medieval stained glass and Marc Chagall, which is pretty accurate, but there’s also a native American feel to his work (which, I’m subsequently told, is actually Chinese folk art).

So having viewed and researched his beautiful work, I was thinking about a wee visible thinking exercise, getting the pupils to think about what they can see in the images and figure out which Bible story was being illustrated or if they even realise it’s a Bible story.

In particular, I really want to know why some heads are painted horizontally?