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I’ve always liked travelling, but the joys of the bus departed once I had my driving licence. Shamefully un-environmental, but the thirty minute drive to work (twenty during the holidays!) is far preferable to the three buses and ninety minute journey by public transport. But for having discussions and planning educational revolution, I don’t think you can beat a bus, especially with staff you don’t often work with.

Today we’re on our way to the Edinburgh International Book Festival with a load of 3rd years, a Tech teacher, a Languages teacher, two English teachers and me. We’re discussing the forthcoming Day of the Dead celebration for the beginning of November, and wandering down the alleyways of wonderingment.

So far we’ve decided:

  • to use Hero Machine to create characters and label them in French/Spanish, either for the parts of the body unit or for the clothes unit; either way, I think it’ll go down well πŸ™‚
  • to use Comic Life to create a comic in French or Spanish, using onomatopoeia, and photos from the pupils themselves, preferably using the PhotoBooth software. We’d tried this before as an interdiciplinary project, but it could have worked better, so it’s worth trying again.
  • to involve the Tech Department in making a genuine altar for our Day of the Dead celebrations (we put this to our Tech colleague, but he laughs)

At this point, there’s a burst of laughter from the back of the bus and we head off to investigate, but we’ve got enough work there to keep us going for a while πŸ™‚