It’s funny what you remember. It’s twenty years since I was at the University Library and plenty has changed, but a lot hasn’t: the spiral staircases have vanished but the shelves are the same; the old carels have disappeared but the lights still go on when you walk beneath them; the floors are labelled differently, but the shelves looks much the same.

The Advanced Higher pupils needed a wee bit of help following the classification, so I had a great time zipping up and down the aisles, demonstrating the librarian’s secret power of finding books by some sort of bibliopathy or possibly osmosis. Occasionally I noticed evidence that I’ve used examples from Glasgow’s classification system in my own library, sad freak that I am.

Then of course, we misplaced a pupil somewhere between floors 5 – 11 and freaked out (a bit) until he reappeared, and myself and the revered PT English got caught by a librarian having a whispered conversation in the stacks of a clearly marked silent floor like a couple of idiot 1st years 😳 (but the doctorate student having a three course lunch round the corner gets away with it?) Naturally, we felt it important that pupils got a good impression of university life so we went for lunch in Ashton Lane :-).

So was it worth it? Well, the gang didn’t actually want to leave and were planning their next visit on the way back to school. They definitely appreciated the variety and complexity of information now available to them, but a half day wasn’t nearly long enough. We didn’t even let them loose on the photocopier.

Next time!