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Thought this made a rather nice packed lunch. Meant to go back the next day to see if any of it had been eaten!


Rainbow lunch by J L Macfadyen

As I continued to walk round the exhibition, this startling gentleman caught my eye at the Zoolab stand. He’s an Argentine Tegu, and I wasn’t allowed to touch, presumably for my own health (although I saw people touching later, so maybe it was for the Tegu’s health).

Argentine Tegu by J L Macfadyen

Argentine Tegu by J L Macfadyen

Part of Julie Wilson’s seminar on Outdoor Learning focused on the benefits of developing relationships with other creatures, and this stand totally proved the point. How many gushing adults can you get around an Argentine lizard? Well, way more than the rabbit or the corn snake, which was a shame, because the rabbit was cute and fell asleep if you turned it upside down (!?) and the corn snake was just enchanting.

The five minutes spent at that stand certainly did my well-being the power of good. I would love to be able to share that fantastic experience with all our young people. Maybe this is one way the library can go outdoors?