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Remembrance Poppies by Andrew Dunn

Remembrance Poppies by Andrew Dunn

Had a blether with the Poppy Scotland people at the Scottish Learning Festival. I volunteered to pass on information to my colleagues and they offered to deliver it, which was very generous, and saved my back a lot of agony!

We started blethering about how the school commemorates the 11th November, and led on to the problems we’ve encountered trying to pull together a film for their competition (like having sufficient time to pull the relevant people, equipment and research together).  And that’s when they told me that they’d recognised the problems schools were having and changed to a poster competition to explain “Why do we remember?”

This is great news; not only will it be easier (and cheaper, and faster) to get involved, but the Scottish Studies class are working on our own school’s casualties of World War 1, so this is a great event for them to participate in.

Hopefully by that point I’ll also have the Stuff’n’Things club back up and running again and they can take part too.