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A round up of other stuff from the Learning Festival.

I liked this sign on the Education Scotland stand, although it was obviously working rather too well as the stand was hoachin’.


Photo by J L Macfadyen

Nevertheless, I wandered over and waited to speak to someone about what was happening with Glow. I’m still waiting to hear what’s happening with Glow.

There were actually two conversations: the first one in answer to my general question (‘What’s happening to Glow?‘) to which I got an outline repeat of everything from the Learning Festival last year (or possibly the year before?) about the Migration (note capital M) and Sharepoint and Office 365. The second conversation was a bit shorter as it became clear that I’d heard it all before and wanted details. Maybe this is why the sign asks for conversations (rather than questions).

In the end I was advised to look out for news on the Glow blog. Cheers. Hadn’t thought of that.


Photo by J L Macfadyen. Giant gorilla by Film Club.

Meanwhile the Film Club Scotland stand was also rather busy, not able to keep up with pupils demanding popcorn. It always amazes me how quickly pupils latch on to freebies at SLF13.

King Kong’s rendition of Radio GaGa does need some work though.

Also picked up useful packs, offers and news from Barrington Stoke, the RNLI and Glasgow University’s School of Celtic and Gaelic. I ended up gazing wistfully at their stand for ages. The courses I studied at Glasgow Uni back in the last century were wonderful, but I do have a regret that I couldn’t squeeze some Gaelic in there.