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The Appin Murder mob approached on Friday and asked for a larger sheet of paper for their poster.

How big do you need?

Well, we’re going to lay out the information like in CSI.

Great idea. You giving yourselves CSI ranks too?

(They glance at each other) Could we? Aaaaaargh! Oh my God, that’s amazing!

Why not? If you’re re-enacting CSI, then why not add the details. What about badges?

OH MY GOD!!! BADGES! That’s amazing! Can we? Badges!

Er, yes.

AAAAARGH! (CSI 1, 2 and 3 vanish towards a computer, then CSI 1 reappears)

Can we use the colour printer?

Sure. Who’s taking the pictures?

Pictures? PICTURES!!!!!! AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHH! (hurls herself up the library) We can take PHOTOS!!!

I do believe that happy children will learn more easily and more effectively 🙂 I expect these chaps to know the details of the crime inside out!