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Good day today. Very busy but accomplished a lot which always feels good.

Period 1 the Library hosted a 1st year Science class investigating elements of the Periodic Table (more about them later), then gave one of the English classes a turn at some Kids Lit Quiz questions.

At Tutor Time, I’m wandering round 3rd year classes, encouraging our Micro Tyco groups to leave some information about their enterprises on the blog, and I discover some of disheartened faces. Their problem: they don’t know what to do for Micro Tyco. We have a blether about what’s already being done, what they fancy doing, and what’s actually feasible. Time ticks away while our brains lie exposed on the rack, and its getting closer to interval. Closer to my cup of tea … tea … tea! Inspiration strikes.

You know what’s wonderful? I ask them, having a cup of tea waiting for you at interval time. Why don’t you ask if any department would be willing to pay you to get their tea ready for them? And off they head on some market researching. Unfortunately, our departments all take their breaks in their own department bases, so they’ll have a limited market unless they split up, but “50p for a cup of tea” does hit a thirsty nerve 🙂

Period 3 and we’re back to the Unicorns and Tree Climbing Octopus. This class have already covered the lesson comparing the two websites, but their teacher hasn’t, so its a great chance for them to show off what they know.

Before lunch is a free period, so I’m preparing for forthcoming meetings with RCAHMS and Catalyst, training days with Access-IT, and trying to keep up with the ever encroaching e-mail.

At lunchtime, the Photo Club are working on their modules while more hopefuls come and take part in the KLQ trials, before 2nd year come piling in to begin transferring their written work onto the blog. Insisting on hand-drawn mind-maps to collect and arrange information has had a definite impact and there’s no plagiarism visible at all. It’s also been quicker to write since the information has already been sorted into paragraphs, and before they begin typing, I ask them to read and comment or one or two existing blog articles (which is also a great way for them to think about their own layout without me having to talk at them even more 🙂 )

No class last period, so its more e-mail, preparing materials for new lessons, and taking care of the comments already left on the blog – all positive thankfully.

And as usual, although I put the kettle on when the bell goes, I never get round to that second cup of tea. If only someone was around to make it for me …