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Things that happened today:

  • My lovely Apple Macs were taken away. All of the school’s computers are being upgraded and they didn’t meet the spec. As a result, any class needing computer access had to be rehoused or find something else to do. We managed to organise the research process for most classes to allow a natural break for writing, but one or two are still coming along, like the IDL class. Of course, despite numerous reminders in e-mail, daily bulletins and signs on the door, people are still asking to use my temporarily non-existent computers.
  • Both printers have decided that they will not work until a nice admin (i.e. not me) puts in the correct password. Happens all the time with one or other but never had both refusing to cooperate simultaneously. And of course, all the technicians are busy with computer upgrading …
  • IDL come along to complete their Mary Queen of Scots tweets. Everything was saved to the dropbox last week and all I had to do was retrieve and print them. Except, of course, the printers aren’t playing nice. We’ve just agreed a quick alternative plan when one of our lovely techies appears and fixes the problem, letting me quickly print off all the pupils’ work.
  • Unfortunately, for some reason best known to themselves, the printers decide to catch up with previous instructions from last week- perfect timing!
  • One of the boys has now managed to wedge his little finger into the metal tubing of the chair. This should be impossible, except of course, it obviously isn’t. The rest of the class are in fits of laughter as our hero desperately tries to free his pinkie. The class teacher is standing by with liquid soap when the First Aider appears, separates digit from furniture and carts him off for a check up.
  • The class are gradually settling down, and we’re back on track with our plan for today – to age the twitter pages with tea and coffee stains. This is when I realise there’s no teabags left (argh!)
  • Having retrieved teabags from elsewhere, I bring through water, only to be hauled back, ‘Er, Mrs Macfadyen. the water’s cold!’ OK, need brain needs a restart now!
  • Pupils now decide to tell me that their pages have not printed, despite the fact that I’ve sent them to the printer twice already. Oh boy, it’s one of those classes. Can I do anything right this period?
  • Eventually everything works out and the pupils make a good job of their aging process and even tidy up afterwards – mostly.


    Tweets by pupils. Photo by J L Macfadyen.

  • For the last five minutes we put on one of the Mary Queen of Scots clips from Horrible Histories that I’d searched for and had unblocked. The teacher hasn’t seen this one before. It’s a great overview of Mary’s life, very funny and covers all the points we wanted them to be aware of.

Guess there was something I could do right this period after all.