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This world is currently growing on a paper in a school library. It’s a work in progress but I love all the little details we’ve added.

Amazing how the colour brings it to life, although every time we had to select a colour we all froze. Quite appropriate in an arctic-like landscape.

A world in progress

A world in progress from And Now This by J L Macfadyen

Our world is surrounded by mountains, although they’re out of shot. The purply bit is frozen loch. The orange fish/rockets are actually houses on stilts – the stilts are permanent, but the top will lift off. There’s a small hill covered in Pi-like shapes centre-left; those are platforms for the top half of the houses in times of flood. Top left you can just make out the shapes of trees – upside down naturally as the majority of the moisture comes from above rather than the frozen ground. The squiggles in the loch represent the sacred places of our settlement: the steam arising from an underground hot spring, and its associated ‘church’. The orange is a rice field. Yes, I know it’s frozen but there are channels bringing warmer water to this more marshy area, and besides it’s ‘grow-in-a-frozen-landscape-rice’. Obviously!

Tonight we added a waterfall which has a cave behind it. It might not be original, but some cliches exist because they’re just magical ideas.

Now we have to decide how our three existing stories fit together into one narrative, and begin to develop our characters. And by that time we might have functioning computers again and we can purchase the software!