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Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting has been voted the  Best Scottish Book of the Last 50 Years. Great discussion on Newsnight Scotland about reading in Scotland:

  • do young people read less, or do they read differently?
  • are fewer people reading but more people writing?
  • does it matter what text they’re in front of?
  • is there enough emphasis on fiction as entertainment, rather than work?
  • were the right books on the list?

Marc Lambert says 9000 votes were cast from across the world. That doesn’t seem that many to me, considering how many people are involved in the literary world in Scotland alone, from librarians, to teachers, to authors, to booksellers, to publishers. It would be interesting to see the total number of people in those roles, how many of them knew about the vote and how many actually voted.

For the record, I voted for Iain M Banks’ Excession, even though I thought it was the wrong Banks book (I’d have preferred Player of Games).

Elsewhere in BWS, I have discovered my counterpart fictional character is Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird on the fictional personality test, and this wee app is really making people discuss books. (Actually I’m closer to Hermione, but I’m happy with Scout).

I had planned a visit to a local library for an author talk tonight, but a husband’s meeting running late put an end to that idea 😦 (still going to borrow the book though).

My own professional Book Week Scotland has had to be postponed. This time of year is insanely busy in school – S3 pupils are busy with Enterprise activites across the school, Andrew House always has a fund-raising celebration for St Andrew’s Day, and our Christmas Fair is at the end of the week. Any attempt to shoehorn something else in would be disastrous and pointless!

Instead our plan was to move everything back a week, but still have a fun five days of fiction. Unfortunately, other events have taken precedence and all of the planning had to be put aside completely. No matter, rather than Book Week Scotland, I think we’ll try to run with BWS – The Advent Edition.