An interesting day spent on Access-IT training (Access-IT is the library management system used in our authority, and personally, I think it’s very good). These sessions take place every couple of years, with folks coming over from New Zealand to train, gather feedback and collect ideas for new features.

This time, we spent a lot of time discussing digital resources and how to supply them to our users. All public organisations will be faced with the dichotomy between security levels demanded by the government and providing access to users, and libraries are often at the sharp edge, with the desire to supply e-books and other online material  competing with the legal requirements for proper filtering.

It’s also a great opportunity to share ideas with colleagues, especially how the software is used, for example, suggestions for what appears on the catalogue front pages, uses for the visual search, or even the choice of phrasing to assist borrowers. Not forgetting recommending resources, identifying problems and proposing solutions.

Not surprisingly, I left with a task list a page long, and gifted the Access-IT folks an equally long list of ideas to make managing the library easier.