ereader test
Source: Staples eReader Department

This Speed Reading Test is fun, but frustrating. I tried it on the phone, but couldn’t get it to the right size to read, I tried it on the laptop, but couldn’t see the Finish button at the bottom. I guess it wasn’t made for these specific devices.

My score was somewhere just below high powered executive, which is nice, but otherwise useless as I’d read the thing twice already by this point. There wasn’t any information about the purpose of the questions, and anyway, I knew all three answers from previous readings of the book. Besides having run through the rest of the information, I realised I’d forgotten the score.

And perhaps most importantly, like most people I read at different speeds according to what I’m reading. If there are questions at the end, I’ll read at a different speed, gather information carefully, and not skim – which it tells you not to do anyway – but I also find my eyes scroll up and down the page sometimes jumping ahead, and sometimes zipping backwards to catch something I missed.

So, a bit of fun, but frustrating for the more competitively minded of us 😀