Last term I gratefully accepted an offer of excess shelving. I remain extremely grateful, but the delivery was somewhat lacking and the Library continues to live with the consequences, one of which was that there was no time for lunchtime clubs. The Library was open but there was very little demand; an occasional body would pop by to change books or sit and read, or print off an essay, but it was mostly quiet.

At the same time there were two pupils and two or more staff present, plus myself. So we would blether and plan and generally relax at lunchtime.

This lunchtime I hosted 4 x S3 working on presentations for English, 2 x S3 researching trench warfare for History, 7 x S2 working on a Science project, 2 x S1 selecting books, 4 x S1 researching nutrition for Home Economics, 1 x S5 reading, and 12 x various years looking for their colleagues.

The only other person in the Library was me.

Now I appreciate that thirty is nothing in comparison with other school libraries, but it’s all very ironic that they all chose today when I had no other assistance.