A friend and I run a Photography Club at lunchtime and we’re currently putting the pupils through a course for the first time. Part of the coursework asks pupils to plan, shoot and analyse their own photographs. They’ve been doing this in their own time and then bringing the pictures in to show us.

We were shown a picture today and asked how we would describe its mood.

Well, she’s not looking at the camera, and she’s partially hidden by the unfocused rose bushes, which makes it more mysterious. You’re wondering what she’s looking at. In fact … sinister, that’s the word. She’s glanced over at something caught out the corner of her eye, and the camera has caught the moment where she’s just beginning to realise that there’s a strange shape there, but it’s actually a bit familiar, and maybe hiding something potentially horrific.

The Photographer replied, ‘Actually, my wee sister was trying not to laugh so she wasn’t looking at me’.

Sorry, folks, my mind works in stories.

Turns out she was actually looking for “muted”.

Great picture.