I returned to work, with wrist still aching, just in time for the last week of term. It was lovely to say hello to everyone again, just before they all said cheerio for the holidays.

The summer is normally my busiest admin and prep time, and by the last week of term, I’m in full summer mode; the library tables are covered with boxes of books in various stages of readiness, jackets of all sizes, piles of stationery, and stacks of paper waiting for shelving or recycling.

This year, the tables remain empty, which means I’m far, far behind where I should be. On the other hand, the library is normally inundated with pupils offering assistance – sent by teaching staff trying to be helpful to me and simultaneously keeping the pupils occupied. Now, I love having the pupils around, but anyone could tell you that having to explain something several times over and then re-doing it yourself properly, does not, in fact, save time. So there is a small chance that the lack of ‘help’ may have saved a little time this year 🙂

If it has, that can only be good as I have a lot of catching up to do, except that I’m very aware of a still healing wrist. No point in undoing all the good rest it’s had – lack of blogging here for example – by jumping straight in to box haulage or recalcitrant book jacket tussling. I never noticed until it was unavailable, but I’m now very conscious of how much my job depends on full movement of my wrist.

And so, I’m being very careful with everything: time spent typing, time spent mouse clicking, lifting the right way, holding the wrong way, seating position, holding the telephone with the other hand, taking regular breaks, stopping work at the end of the day…

… in fact, it would appear that this summer’s new secret power is taking things as they come and not pushing myself beyond what is actually possible. A strange power for a school librarian, but one that we should all have, and not just for the benefit of hard-working joints.