Copyright Google

Copyright Google

I’m occasionally bemused by Google’s choice of doodles – the 23rd anniversary of this event, the 374th birthday of that person, but this doodle dedicated to Diana Wynne Jones is welcome. Hopefully some who don’t understand the reference to Howl’s Moving Castle will be intrigued sufficiently by the doodle to want to know more.

What I do know is that there are plenty DWJ novels on my library shelves and they just don’t get borrowed. They’ve got lovely covers, make great displays, they’ve been recommended, they’ve been added to cunningly to piles of new or returned books that catch the eye and just beg to be rifled through, they’re on suggested reading lists and yet they sit there as pristine as when they were bought 😦

Sadly, they’re not the only books to suffer this way. Getting pupils to lift books off the shelf is becoming more and more difficult, never mind getting them to read the flippin’ things.

No matter, Diana Wynne Jones is worth the effort (especially the Dalemark Quartet, a series with a difference).