So I’ve been away for a week at the Learning Festival and then the September weekend holiday. Life goes on back at school, which meant negotiating with everyone who wanted access to the Library.

Before I left, I spent approximately an hour e-mailing various people to make sure the Library would be available for everyone that needed it. Each person had to ensure the keys were either returned to their original place or pass them onto the next person.

Except I got an e-mail telling me that the keys aren’t where they’re supposed to be. Oh dear, here we go.

Turned out that the original person (A) who was supposed to collect the keys didn’t think they were the right ones, and opened the Library via the back door. Meanwhile another person (B) recognised the keys, and brought them to the Library, where they lay on the desk until A spotted them, realised what they were and kindly left them in my pigeon hole.

Unfortunately, that meant persons C, D, E and F couldn’t find the keys. Shame they didn’t try the doors which were left unlocked, because of course, A was only using the back door, and didn’t know the front doors had been unlocked at all!