I was delighted to be granted a place on this course, part of the MEd in Children’s Literature and Literacies at the University of Glasgow (and incidentally, getting my old matric number back was a wonderful surprise) through the Scottish Government’s West Partnership.

Unfortunately, I then damaged my back and then there were unavoidable issues with registration (still ongoing) but I finally got access to some materials at the start of November.

And look how much fun it is!: classic texts, innocence vs death of childhood, close reading of Peter Pan, picturebooks, graphic novels, comics, fairy tales, young adult literature, myths and legends, children’s poetry, and a required reading list of fabulous children’s books.

I’m in heaven! This is going to be some of the best Professional Development ever.

Part of the course demands a reading log and analysis of articles, both of which will appear here, along with commentary on seminar notes, and anything else that jumps out at me.